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Trash Compactor Cleaning Services in Arcadia, Arizona

Do you have a commercial facility in Arcadia, Arizona that has a trash compactor? When is the last time you have cleaned your trash compactors? Wash Patrol Arcadia specializes in trash compactor cleaning services. We pressure wash trash compactors to remove the trash grime and debris from the outsides and insides of the shaft. Trash Compactors get a large amount of build up due to the excessive amount of trash that it is constantly working to compact. We use steaming hot pressure washers and specialized attachments called Turbo Tips to blast away the build up! Wash Patrol can successfully clean your trash compactor and leave it looking and smelling new again!

We Use Sgt. Sudds Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We use the best supplies on the market and provide the best service in the industry!

Professional Trash Compactor Cleaning Company Arcadia, AZ

Wash Patrol utilizes tactical attachments on our power washing wands that blast away grime and debris from compactors. Our professional cleaning attachments, turbo nozzles, have a unique cleaning method and help us maintain trash compactors in Arcadia regularly. We use our Sgt. Sudds Bomb Squad degreaser to remove grease and gunk from the compactor. Call Wash Patrol Arcadia today for a free property inspection and estimate on cleaning your commercial trash compactors!

Wash Patrol | Arcadia Elite Trash Compactor Cleaning Service


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